Arç Cooperativa

We are an insurance brokerage specialising in the fields of social and solidarity economy, the voluntary sector and renewable energy. With our brokerage and consulting services, we count on the comprehensive management of ethical and fair insurance.

Arç was founded in spring of 1983 with the mission of making self-managing, cooperative values compatible with an efficient business model. Today, we are responsible for the insurance policies of over 3,500 cooperatives and companies and each day we meet the insurance needs of 250,000 individual customers.

Cooperative values

We are dedicated to the values of the cooperative movement, mutual aid, responsibility, democracy, equality, equity, and solidarity. We also believe in the ethical values of honesty, transparency, social responsibility, and commitment to others and the environment.

We uphold the principles of inter-cooperation through collective purchasing power. We partner with over 60 different groups involved in the voluntary sector and social economics.

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“Cooperative labour is the work of social action: eminently positive, it helps build a new world.” Joan Salas Anton.


Even though the insurance sector seems to be far removed from the principles of self-management and democracy, for over 30 years at Arç Cooperativa we have focused on uniting risk prevention with the development of a fairer society and a more caring economy. For this reason, we have promoted a new concept of ethical, equitable insurance management that aims to return the market to a practice that is guided by solidarity: more compatible with the values of mutualism and ethical banking.

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EthSI Mark

We are the first insurance brokerage in Europe with the EthSI certification (Ethical and Solidarity Based Insurance) of quality in fair and ethical management.

grup ecos
Our link to an economy built on solidarity goes back a long way. Arç Cooperativa is currently an active member of the Catalan Solidarity Economy Network (XES) the Federation of Catalan Labour Cooperatives (FCTC),and an associate of the ethical banking organisations Coop57 and Fiare Banca Etica.


Our belief in inter-cooperation and encouraging growth in the social market has led us to forming many partnerships.

Together with Seryes brokerage we created the CAES brand to promote ethical and community-focused insurance within Spain.

Along with 20 more cooperatives we make up the Ecos Cooperative Group.

We launched MutualCoop, together with Previsora General, to offer collective bargaining insurance to businesses in the social and solidarity economy.

We participated in the creation of Opcions, a cooperative working in the field of responsible consumption, of which we form a part as insurance providers for individuals.